QO is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees. In addition, we conduct business in a manner that respects the environment.

QO follows these guiding principles:

Health Safety and the Environment


Zero Incidents: Occupational injuries and illnesses, environmental releases, and property damage incidents can and must be prevented. The only meaningful goal is ZERO.

Risk Management: QO will only undertake activities that we can do without injuring people, damaging property and impairing the environment.

Compliance: Safety, Health and Environmental compliance is everyone’s responsibility and is a condition of employment.

Leadership: QO’s management will be involved in the safety program at all levels within the organization. All managers will lead by direct example and through appropriate decision making.

Training: QO will provide ongoing training for personnel on the elements of our safety program.

Hazard Analysis: QO will analyze all of our activities to ensure that we identify, evaluate, and control hazards and communicate this information to those that may be affected.

Working with Others: QO will work with our clients and their service providers to safely perform our work and always assess our own suppliers and vendors safety competences and capabilities.

Program Assessment: QO will routinely assess all of our safety program elements as well as those programs at the business unit and individual project levels to enable continuous improvement of our safety systems.

Reporting: QO personnel are expected to openly, thoroughly, and in a timely manner, report all occupational injuries, illnesses, environmental releases, near miss incidents, and property damage events.

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