Real Time Monitoring to Reduce NPT

Whether at the wellsite or via remote monitoring, QO applies a multi disciplinary approach to provide services in:

  • Pore Pressure Analysis
  • Wellbore Stability Evaluation
  • Geosteering
  • Drilling Monitoring

The environments in which Oil & Gas companies are exploring to drill will only continue to escalate in levels of complexity. This reality has led to the increased demand for accurate prediction of formation pressures to maintain safe drilling margins. QO’s pressure analysts form an integral part of the well delivery team that can positively contribute initially from the planning stages, through the drilling phases, and all the way to the post drill development of lessons learned for future projects.

QO pressure analysts work with our client teams to develop a pre-drill pore pressure and fracture gradient model for the well. While drilling, our analysts calculate the pore pressure and fracture gradient, in real-time, using leak off tests, gas data, and other transient pressure tests to calibrate their predictions. Through vigilant monitoring and interpretation of the pore pressure data our analysts are able to help mitigate drilling risks and significantly reduce the response time in the event of any influxes or losses.

Sedimentary basin experience includes:

Gulf of Mexico, Grand Banks, North Sea, Atlantic Margins, Mediterranean, Moesian (Romania), Sahara, Black Sea, East Africa, Bengal, Mumbai, Indus, Nam Con Son, Malay, Tarim, Taranaki, Carnarvon and Cooper